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Ruby on Rails Contractor

We deliver scalable, high quality, and most importantly, maintainable Ruby on Rails web applications for businesses of any size. There are a number of Ruby on Rails programmers and contractors, but there are only a number of quality Ruby on Rails contractors.

We do not outsource Ruby on Rails projects off-shores. Everything is done by programmers located in the states. We all speak and write fluent English, making communications easier.

We have plenty of experience working in start-up environments and am used to the time constraints as well as the fast pace nature. One of our Ruby on Rails projects our team has worked on is an online savings rates comparison site.

Our rates are very flexibe, especially for start-up companies, in some cases, we have done work in exchange for equity if the right opportunity is presented. Please don't expect us to do work in exchange for 10,000 shares for a company with 100,000,000 shares outstanding unless you are a Facebook or Twitter with a high valuation. :)

We can best be reach using the following form or email: contactus AT truepathsolutions DOT com.

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